When I got married to a Basketball Coach | The Fun & Struggles Behind It

It was during my college days when I met Mark. He was the coach of my little brother, but I really didn’t know that Mark will take the sports thing as a career option.

He is a busy guy, and we have been married for 6 long years now, happy and content with our relationship. But this understanding thing or being a Basketball Coach‘s Wife is not an easy thing. There are a lot of sacrifices and disappointments that you may face during the journey, but what matters is the Relation. It has to be made with trust and friendship.

Make His Passion Yours ~ Basketball Coach

When I got married to a Basketball Coach

Hey guys, this is Linda. I fell for Mark during one of his tournament matches. There was no looking back for us, and we got married after dating for 4 years.

Understanding his passion

This is brutally serious when I say the passion concept.

You need to understand and acknowledge the fact that sometimes, they could consider the sports at a higher priority than you. This happens only when the guy is genuinely into the games or just fooling around with you. But I trusted Mark and his passion for the game. So, trust the passion and belief.

Other players and coaches will be your extended family

All the players who have worked with Mark or for those students taking guidance from Mark – they will be your family now. Even the other coaches are like brothers to him, and he spends most of the Sunday mornings striking a game in the nearest court space.

Listen, Support, and Be positive with the approach

Be a good listener, when he wants someone to listen to him out. Don’t interrupt his speech, and be supportive in all the ways. You don’t have to be necessarily a cheerleader, but someone who lifts him up when he is low on the game or simply lacking self-confidence.

Additional Tips:

  • Invest your time in your husband’s game and other team outings.
  • Don’t be fake, and just be yourself.
  • Not all the players may know your name. You will be referred to as the Coach Mark’s wife.
  • Focus on your life, dreams while he is up with the practice.

To conclude it all, I am proud of being called the Coach’s Wife.

Be happy, and support your husbands with the game and just enjoy the lovely journey!