Who has the toughest Championship run-in?

Positions keep on changing year after year, and that’s what keeps the game exciting and fun. When we talk about the Football Championships, how can we miss out on the Premiere League updates! This is one of the main football championship which is carried out between 20 clubs in total. Players move from one club to another depending on the gaming. So, based on the performance of the whole season, the team members may get shifted to a new club.

Toughest Championship

Who has the toughest Championship run-in?

To check on the toughest teams of this season, we did some research for this. Average position and points were tallied together, and we got the Top 5 teams that would be a big game-changer this year.

Brighton, the biggest challenger of all! 

One of the main saving points that Brighton has got is 31 points in account. A two-win with a minimum of 37 points will keep the Brighton up in the ranking. Well, there are many competitors like the Arsenal in the top 4 teams which the Brighton has to face. So, things are easy to predict and say than actually done. Brighton still has good chances.

Next, we got the West Ham United

Got West Ham UnitedWith an account of 30 points in hand, West Ham has made a place at the 15th position. They have got rivals like Southampton, Man U, Leicester, Arsenal, Everton, Burnley in the upcoming tournaments. There are chances that they may get pulled down on the list, but making a place in the top 20 itself shows their capability as a team.

West Brom

This team has made it to the 20th position on the list and is all set to give a more tough fight to the other teams on the list. They have gone quiet on the recent missing car incident which took place outside one of the McDonald’s places in Barcelona, during the summer training period. This could have ended in a major game breach, but the issue has been sought out well within a short time after the release.


Why did we mention about Stoke!? Yes, they are in a troubled situation though. But hey, if things got in their favor, they have got a huge chance to make it big in the Championship league. They are in the 18th position and have to face over 10 teams in total. Among them, they have to face top 6 teams on the list and also play along with 4 other teams. Things are tough for Stoke, still, if they make it with a win for at least 4 matches they are here to stay!

The Huddersfield

Finally, the Huddersfield 

They are in the 14th position, with an average of 30 points. The remaining opponents for this team to face include Chelsea, Tottenham, Brighton, Arsenal, Man U, Newcastle in the lot. They are placed in the top half of the table but still got to face some of the main rivals like Man U, Chelsea and others in their final games. We can just hope for the best for the Huddersfield and their team!

When we say the toughest run-in, you can either take this in a positive way or a negative. The team which has the toughest run-in may be considered weak compared to the other team. But their game and determination are what made them capable of playing with the top rivals of the league. These were our predictions and details about the team having the toughest run-in, what’s your take on this?